Why write for the BSE Voice?

Over the years, we’ve seen many benefits of contributing to the BSE Voice. Here are just a few:

  • Practice writing in your field a — skill employers and PhD programs will appreciate.
  • Share your work and get feedback from PhD students.
  • Interact intellectually with your fellow BSE alumni.
  • Get recognition from thought leaders in the Economics community.

Success cases

Today’s BSE bloggers are tomorrow’s QJE authors!

That’s what happened for Felipe Valencia, who got his PhD from GPEFM (UPF and BSE). He shared the story of his job market paper on the Voice in 2014, and in 2018 that paper was accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Correlation or causation? You decide.

Felipe Valencia´s article at The Quarterly Journal of Economics, QJE

Get a shoutout from John Taylor!

When Economics students Jacques Alcabes, Ángelo Gutiérrez, Patrick Mayer, and Hugo Kaminski shared their work on the Taylor rule, they got feedback from John Taylor himself.

Here’s their post, “Monetary Policy Uncertainty: does it justify requiring the Fed to follow a Taylor rule?”

Get love from alumni!

BSE Alumni are devoted readers of the Voice and will let you know when they like your work!

But what can I write about?! And how can I submit it?