Data visualization: London property prices

Barcelona GSE Data Science student Stefano Costantini ’15 shares a data viz exercise that explores London property prices from 1995-2013.

StefanoData Science student Stefano Costantini ’15 has posted this data viz project exploring London property prices on his website. Have a look and follow Stefano on Twitter @stefanoc.


London property prices: Visualising the evolution of the residential market (1995 to 2013)

The London residential property market has always been strong. However, it is only in the last twenty years or so that property prices have increased to such levels that previously “cheap” areas have now turned into prime locations. The gentrification process, together to an increase in population, have pushed up the prices even in peripheral areas. The purpose of this exercise is to visualise these changes, covering the period 1995-2013.

Evolution of local average prices by quarter for the whole period 1995-2013

See more graphics, read about the methodology and tools used in the project, and download the code and the data from Stefano’s website.