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The more voices, the better! All students and alumni of the BSE Master’s programs are invited to submit academic or professional work to the blog.

Email your submission now or read on for detailed instructions.

(Why write for the Voice? Here are four reasons.)

What to write

We welcome the following types of posts, though we’re open to your ideas as well:

Original research or professional work

  • Paper abstract or presentation slides
  • Excerpt from a white paper, blog post, etc. that you’ve written for a think tank or other website
  • Short explanation of a professional project you’ve completed
  • Video of an interview you’ve given
  • Comic strips (yes, we had those one year and they were amazing. Thanks, Marco!)

We will happily link to your source content to bring more traffic and visibility to your work!

Commentary on topics of interest to the Barcelona School of Economics community

  • Economic analysis of a current topic in the news
  • Reflections on a topic you’ve covered in class
  • Summary of a research seminar or lecture you’ve attended
  • Book review

What to send us

  1. The text of your post in Word, Google Doc, or PDF format. Length is flexible but should not exceed 1000 words (remember, it’s a blog, not an academic journal!)
  2. Two or three images to illustrate your work. These could be:
    • A photo of you at work or during your days at BSE
    • Royalty-free stock image that describes the topic of your work (you can find these on sites like,, or
    • Figures from your academic paper
    • Comic strips (seriously, they were brilliant)
  3. Your name as you would like us to write it, along with:
    1. Job title and employer/institution
    2. LinkedIn / Twitter / other link you’d like us to include
    3. A portrait-style photo (cropped square)

What happens next

We’ll confirm that we’ve received your materials and let you know if we need anything more from you. If for some reason we are not able to publish your post, we will tell you why and offer suggestions for resubmitting it.

We will send you the finished post for your review to give you a chance to make any changes before we promote it on social media channels, etc. You are always free to ask for edits after the post goes live, and to ask for your work to be taken off the blog at any time.

Posts are typically published in the order we receive them. Sometimes posts will go online in a different order in the interest of maintaining balance amongst Master’s and featuring as many different voices as we can. If you send us more than one post, that’s great! We’ll spread them out over several months.

Got a question? Email us!